Buying Recycled Office Furniture

Buying Recycled Office Furniture
By Victor Thomas

Buying used furniture has become very popular among small and medium business houses, mainly because of the lesser cost that is involved. Apart from the cost advantage, environmental issues are also involved. Million of tons of discarded office furniture are being dumped as waste, which are getting accumulated as land fills. Most of such discarded materials are not biodegradable, and cause environmental hazards. It is therefore advantageous not only to the purchaser but also to the society, in the wider perspective.

No wonder, recycled office furniture currently accounts for approximately 8.82% of the total commercial office furniture industry. Recycled furniture cost 30 to 50 per cent less than the new furniture. 'Recycled' is a term used for old furniture reconditioned to look as new and modern. It does not mean that the quality is compromised.

Recycled Furniture Dealers

The recycled furniture dealers, recycle all types of furnishings like cubicles, task seating, filing cabinets, mail room furniture, reception chairs etc. Reconditioned, refurbished and reused furniture are available in the market, in response to the great demand.

Reconditioned or re-manufactured furniture are those which are restored to its original condition. They are as good as new ones. Those which are cleaned, repaired and repainted with changed upholstery are called refurbished furniture. The reused furnished are in 'as is' condition and very often changed hands directly between the seller and buyer without any modifications.

In the furniture market, there are various demands from customers, depending on the availability and affordability. For those who need large quantities of matching furniture, it is better to go to manufacturers directly to purchase new or made to order pieces. They will not settle for less than perfect and ready to pay higher prices.

For those who can be flexible about the designs, colour and style with low budget, recycled furniture is the ideal option.

In every one of the above dealings, it is very important that you have to strike a bargain as far as prices are concerned. The quality of the furniture you are planning to buy should be made sure. In every case, it is better to deal with experienced and well known dealers who will provide you with warranty.

In totality, going for office furniture , used, refurbished or reconditioned are very much advantageous since the deal helps you to save money, time and efforts. Remember that the resale value of new furniture depreciate to 25 per cent in five years, while the same will appreciate to 75 per cent in the case of recycled furniture.

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